Our beef

Our beef is aged in the traditional way, on the bone making sure that each and every cut delivers juicy, succulent beef.
We wanted mouth watering beef to remember so we employed a traditional method combined with a modern process.

Dry aging beef has become the preferred method of maturing beef on the bone and for good reason. The flavour and tenderness we achieve from this type of maturation is exceptional.

After sealing the cut surfaces the air flow and temperature are carefully

monitored within the Dry Age chamber.

This special process allows the beef to mature slower and for longer on the bone because the chamber controls the moisture and humidity.

It is matured for 21-28 days and we only mature bone in cuts from carcasses that are eligible by their age, breed, and carcass classification. Some of our customers have their own requirements when it comes to extra matured beef so we offer a bespoke service based on their own specifications.

British native breeds

Bone in

Fore quarter primals

Hind quarter Primals


Rump, Loin + Rib


Loin + Rib 8 Bones

Loin + Rib 8 Bones Full Fillet

3 Rib Sirloin

3 Rib Sirloin

5 Bones Rib

5 Bones Rib

Carvery Rib 1#

Carvery Rib 2#

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder #2

Brisket Ear On

Brisket Ear Off


LMC Single Muscle

Chuck Roll


Neck Top


Clod Reverse

Feather Blade Fat On

Feather Blade Underside

Chuck Tender

Chuck Tender #2

Feather Blade Fat Off

Chuck Roll SQ Cut

Feather Blade PAD Underside

Feather Blade PAD

Feather Blade Flat Iorn

90 VL

D - Rump

D - Rump Underside

Striploin 1#

Striploin Underside

Striploin 2#


Fillet Underside

Topside Cap On

Topside Reverse

Silverside Reverse

Thick Flank

Thick Flank Reverse


Boneless Rib

Silverside - Salmon Reverse Side

Silverside - Flat Reverse Side


Silverside - Skin Off

Knuckle #2

Knuckle Core In

Knuckle Core Out - Inside

Knuckle Core Out - Top

Rib Eye #1

Rib Eye #2

Rib Eye #3

Rib Cap

Rib Cap Underside

Rump Cap Picanha

Rump Cap Underside

Rump Heart


Striploin #2

Striploin Underside

Silverside Flat Side Strap Removed

Silverside Salmon Cut

Silverside Salmon Cut #2

Fillet Ex Chain

Fillet Ex Chain #2

Flank Steak #1

Flank Steak #2

Bavette #1

Bavette #2

Inside Skirt


McKnight´s lamb is renowned for its taste, succulence and tenderness because we carefully hand select carcasses and cuts to our exacting specification.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality lamb from selected farms in both the UK and Ireland and we specialise in traditional, organic and PGI status lamb.

In season we can provide speciality lamb from salt marshes and regional breeds.

In addition we can meet the needs of our islamic customers by providing lamb that is produced in strict accordance with islamic sharia requirements under the supervision of an accredited halal certifying organisation.

Traditional, speciality & organic lamb

Wholesale cuts

Lamb carcass


8060 Haunch

8067 Legs & Chump

8127 Short Saddle

8116 Best Ends

7998 Short Fore 1/4

8003 Square Cut Shoulder

7913 Breast

7448 Whole Lamb

7925 Chump

7952 Fillet

8151 Loin Eye

8177 Lamb Trim 90VL

7862 Lamb Shank

8248 7 Bone Rack

8261 8 Bone Rack Cap off

L187 Boned & Rolled Leg